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About Valli: Valli Aman is Graduate of Animal Behavior College (ABCDBT); Trainer/Advisor San Fernando Valley Animal Shelters and their related Dog Training Program; Owner of "Oh My Dog," Owner of "Visions Photography" ( and TV Host/Producer of "Visions" a TV/Radio program based upon metaphysical possibilities, philosophies and philosophers alive in our world today.

At Oh My Dog we offer a variety of affordable options for dog-related services. We offer private home behavior training to suit you and your family's schedule, your dog's needs, and your budget. We offer affordable weekly group classes at a local park where your dog and you gain from the socialization that takes place. We offer overnight stays, at Camp Aunt Valli, so you don't have to go to the expense and distress of having to vaccinate your dog or puppy just prior to your need to leave, and your dog is cared for just as you would here in my home while you are gone. We offer professional exercise walks with playtime visits as well. A positive caring relationship with your well-behaved dog will lead to years of love and fun. Enter your dog into behavior training today.


Our Philosophy
  1. Be "In The Now":
  2. Be Patient:
  3. Be Consistent:
  4. Be Assertive and Calm:

Dogs function in present time and though as humans we know that fact, we don't always act as though we do. Practice leaving your problems behind before handling your dog and especially before training sessions. Dogs easily pick up stressful energy and that makes them question your leadership. Be in the "here and now" and you'll be speaking your Dog's language.

What's the hurry? After you request a behavior it may take your dog some time to offer it. And what if it takes your dog as long as a minute to answer your request? You may just have a brilliant "thinker" dog! Please know that these are among the most misunderstood and abused dogs, just because they don't "perform" as fast as their owner wants them to. Please have the time and be willing to give that small extra time when making a request from your dog so they can "offer" the behavior. Patience is something that we all need to practice so while your dog is learning from you, you can see how you are doing too.

Some individuals are 'mostly' consistent and most people are 'rarely' consistent in thoughts, words and actions. Practicing consistency is a great way to gain respect as leader between you and your dog as when you say something you'll mean it. Being consistent will mean your repetition will be the same each time and your pet will understand that you want what you want and will wait it out to get it.

By now, you've heard Cesar Millan speak about "Calm Assertiveness." At OMD we help you work on relaxing your body posture and you will learn the overall feeling you need to emit when being around your dog. Your posture and energy level do affect your pets. And, after all, why should your pet have to receive your stress energy when you can get rid of it first and then call your dog to you! Holding in personal stress can be a great deterrent to the training of your dog and a determent to your own health.